Under the bright sun, we organised another successful Crew Safety Day in Ramsgate, following the positive impact of our first event in Grimsby. This day was filled with teamwork, productive discussions, collaborative sessions, and valuable feedback from our dedicated crew. 

We tackled important topics such as enhancing our safety culture, analysing the results of our engagement survey, and the critical role of ISM compliance. Crew forums were a highlight, providing an open platform for our team to voice their thoughts and suggestions on key issues. 

The active participation and enthusiasm from our crew were truly inspiring. Their contributions are already shaping our future strategies, reinforcing our unwavering commitment to safety and excellence. 

At Windcat, safety is more than a priority – it’s embedded in our culture. We are proud to support our crew, promote a strong safety mindset, and continuously improve our operations for a safer and more efficient future. Together, we’re building on our achievements and striving for even greater success.