Working for us

Windcat Workboats’ vessels operate under a diverse range of activities, from wind farm transfers, bird watching, ROV works to suspended scaffolding for turbine blade repairs. As we are continually expanding our operations in both UK and European ports, we are always looking to increase our team of marine professionals, as well as the desired certification. We offer our marine professionals internal support and in house training programs over and above necessary qualifications, to assist with a proactive safety culture and technical understanding of the vessels we operate.

Our crews are considered a vital part of our success, and we believe in investment in the future. This is one of the reasons why we operate a funded study program, to allow individuals access to gain further qualifications to enhance their professional capabilities and understanding of the marine industry.

Our vessels are run to International Safety Management standards, with full shore-side support to assist with the implementation of procedures and policies.


Our Vessel Masters have a wide scope of skills and duties. Aside from being in command of the vessel, they observe and where applicable, implement company policies and procedures. They carry out drills and musters, perform safety checks, ensure paperwork and documentation is up to date, liaise with the head office and several other managerial tasks.

In addition to command of the vessel, our Masters are expected to have a pro-active safety culture and to manage their vessels according to the management programs in place. Also they have to liaise with shore-side management and have pro-active client interface where required.


Our Deckhands are also a vital part of our company. They work together with the Masters to form an integrated team, where communicating and following directions are crucial to the safe and efficient running of our vessels.

Candidate profile

  • Relevant and valid certificates
  • Experience as skipper/engineer/deckhand
  • Team player and able to work independently
  • 24/7 mentality
  • Technical background preferable
  • Excellent verbal and writing skills in English

If you are interested and you have the relevant qualifications and experience in working on seagoing vessels, please send your CV to: