Windcat is pleased to announce the success of our recent Crew Safety Day in Grimsby, an event dedicated to prioritising safety, fostering collaboration, and driving continuous improvement within our organisation. 

Throughout the day, attendees participated in insightful discussions covering key topics such as safety culture, the findings of our engagement survey, and the significance of ISM compliance. These discussions provided a platform for constructive dialogue and actionable insights. We also organised crew forums. This was an important part of the day to get feedback from the crew on key issues. 

The active engagement and valuable contributions from our crew highlight their commitment to safety and excellence. Their feedback will play a crucial role as we strive to enhance our operations and maintain our dedication to safety. 

At Windcat, safety is not just a priority– it is a core value in our corporate culture. We keep making efforts to cultivate a culture of safety, collaboration, and ongoing improvement, ensuring the well-being of our team and the success of our operations. Stay tuned for further updates on our safety initiatives.