Windcat delivers the first CTV in its new hydrogen-powered MK5 design

Windcat delivers the Windcat 57, the first CTV (Crew Transfer Vessel) of its new MK5 vessel design. The vessel will go into operation from mid-June in Scotland. The new MK5 design answers to the changing needs of the offshore wind industry. These vessels have been designed to deliver a high-performance vessel and further improve crew comfort. Focusing on sustainability all newly built MK5 vessels have a dual fuel hydrogen engine on board as standard and are prepared for a quick retrofit of the hydrogen storage and fuel supply system. 


Register for offshore wind industry webinar (SCHOTTEL & Partners: Offshore Wind Vessels of the Future | Europe)

Amidst the dynamic landscape of the offshore wind industry, Windcat announces its participation as a participant in an upcoming webinar. Windcat’s involvement underscores its commitment to advancing industry dialogue and addressing critical challenges during the energy transition. (more…)

FRS Windcat Offshore Logistics introduces the first hydrogen-powered CTV “Hydrocat 55” to the German offshore market

FRS Windcat Offshore Logistics announces the deployment of the first hydrogen-powered dual fuel Crew Transfer Vessel in Germany for 50Hertz. Following the delivery of the vessel in spring 2023, this marks the beginning of a joint operation in various wind farms in the German Baltic Sea.


Windcat expands its CSOV fleet to a total of five vessels

Windcat is committed to further expanding its CSOV fleet and has placed an additional order of two Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOVs) with Damen Shipyards. This order increases Windcat’s CSOV fleet to a total of five vessels, leaving the option of acquiring a sixth vessel. This development follows the initial announcement made in November 2022 regarding the construction of a series of hydrogen-powered CSOVs, the “Elevation Series”.